Dr. Sevki Erdogan

Sevki Erdogan
Dr. Sevki Erdogan

Dr. Sevki S. Erdogan has obtained his M. Sc. (1979) and Ph.D. (1983) from Manchester University, England. He has been with Nanyang Technological University as an Associate Professor during 1990-1999 and MentorTech Pte Ltd during 1999-2003. Erdogan has taught in the Computer Science Departments of San Diego State University, Southwest State University and University of Anger, France.

Dr. Erdogan has been a consultant to the United Nations and his courses have been televised to the professional communities of Southern California, USA and Mexico through PROFNET. He has also been a technical consultant to Singapore Telecom, Digital Equipment, Lockheed Martin, Singapore Institute of Management, and numerous other organizations. During the twenty five years of his teaching career, Erdogan has covered a wide range of computer science courses but his major strength has been in the areas of Operating Systems, Networking, Software Engineering and Web related technologies. His work also includes development of industry related practical Master's curriculum development in the USA and Turkey. Erdogan is also very active in university service. Currently, he is the chair of the UHH faculty congress and chair of the congress Curriculum Review Committee.

He has published extensively in international conferences and journals. He has hands-on experience in designing and implementing multi-user/multi-tasking operating systems. During his Ph.D., he has implemented the distributed file system component of the highly acclaimed MUSS Operating System. Currently he is a Co-PI of a five year twenty million dollar National Science Foundation Research grant.


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