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Spring Semester 2017

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes and Landslides

An interactive guide to understanding the geological history of Hawaii Island. User can tour the Island to learn about historical landslides and mega tsunamis, as well as research techniques used to understand these events. User can also view future sea level projections to see firsthand how coastal cities would be transformed if future tsunamis occur.


Crown of Thorns

This application puts the user in a unique first-person experience. You will become a scientist who gets marooned on an island after his research vessel capsizes. The scientist had the ship loaded with crown of thorn starfish, which have now escaped on the pristine reef. Learn more about these unique invertebrates and how they affect coral reefs. The user must help eradicate the introduced species by exploring the reef and using the recently invented eradicator tool to help prevent any ecological disasters.



An interactive application to teach users about marine debris pollution. Travel through time and witness the impacts of increased plastic production on a deserted island in the middle of the pacific ocean. This application gives the user a time limit to clean the trash of the beach and progress through time to today, where the pollution becomes an overwhelming challenge.